Thursday, July 28, 2011

Donna bought me dinner, said she my have orgasmed

Last night Donna brought me to dinner again, cheeseburgers, coffee and french fries. That's the third time in about week that she has. She evidently likes their mocha.
Last night she said that she may have orgasmed. She watches a movie every night "to relax" and we had seen it earlier this month, so I began kissing her ankles and continued in an upward direction. I got a little wild while kissing her tighs, alternating between kissing her thighs and pubic hair, and when I paused she said "Wow". After we finished she said that she was very lubricated and was wet, her thinking that she may have orgasm. I gave her a back massage, kissing her shoulders again. I haven't fully transposed our affair into a fictional account yet.

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