Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Donna as Boston reopens

We went to lunch again, its SPRING. This time on the other side of the Longfellow Bridge.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Donna as Harvard Square reopens

During Christmas and New Year, Donna and I spent from a thousand to fifteen hundread dollars on food delivery in light of her having been sick, including with COVID. Particulalry baked scallops (I pronounced them scollops). The beginning of Spring has brought us out to restaurants again.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Donna’s new Kitchen

We are in our old apartment again, totally remodled. The view from the thirteenth floor is the same, the mystic river bridge, the bunker hill monument, the Boston Garden, the John Hancock and the Prudential, but not only have they added a couple of skyscrapers recently, but there is a large yellow heart on the Cambridge side of the skyline. We are in our old apartment again for 2021, our fourth apartment together in the same building is really our third. SCOTT AND DONNA

Friday, January 8, 2021

Our fourth apartment in the same building, Donna and Haagen-Daz are the same age.

We've been celebrating Chanukah, Christmas and New Years so it came into the conversation that Haagen-Daz icecream and Donna are both sixty years old; the company noted that ice cream went well with birthdays by adding their own to the package. Our building has nineteen floors and we have lived on the ninth, thirteenth and fourth floors and after the renovations, will be moving back to our old apartment on the thirteenth floor. We have lived together for nine years. With the renovation, this old painting, one of my favorites, will probably be shelved. I photographed both mostly to remember them later. Scott Lord

Friday, December 4, 2020

Donna is Home for a belated Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas

After more than six hours of ZOOM calls, Donna is home. The last thing I was working on was Psalm 46:10, which reads, "Be still and know that I am God." I think its too much like Rilke, but it precedes him. I explained to her that from that a Rabbi wrote, "The way to know God is theough stillness." which is Theology. Then from the theology I explained how my concern was literature and what I wrote was, "He suddenly felt a stillness come over him with the realization of what had happened and what it meant to him. He wondered, questioning whether this stillness, in the present form that was felt by him, was in some way a way of knowing God, open to the conjecture of what the ways of God were." With the Psalm I was looking at the rituals concerned with wearing a prayer shawl, after a rainbow,and studying the Torah where rituals are offered because the Lord our GOD is Blessed and ruler of the universe and the ritual is seen as being derived from a commandment. Our ninth Thanksgiving together was late, but our ninth Chanukah and ninth Christmas together should be our biggest, COVID 19 notwithstanding. The joke is that when we were first dating we bought a particular type of cheese. Its been repackaged and is now in the gourmet ailse, so our cheese this year costs more than a nights worth of shrimp. I just found it romantic after nine years. Donna said something fascinating in the hospital, that she would pray as a test, soshe prayed for, dinner just to find out if it would be answered, so now that she's home were are going to spread the turkey out over the weekend for a thanksgiving twice as big. I added a lobster claw to some lobster and macaroni and cheese. I made sure there were Chanakah cookies here for the minute she walked in the door and I her a dozen roses when I picked her up. Donna did have COVID 19 and was in fact hospitalized with something related and asked for prayer often. Our tenth anniversary of living together in her apartment will come during the summer.

Scott Lord