Sunday, May 8, 2022

I neglected to mention the gravestone of Mother Goose

When we got to church, Donna very nicely said, "I'm not a mother." She introduced herself to Dr. Elaine Phillips from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, who, also without children, echoed the same sentinment. I'm in the church library now which overlooks Boston Common on one side and is adjacent to the church burial ground on the other. I have noted in this blog that the church was built in 1809, before that it being a warehouse for brimstone during the revolution. The word brimstone comes from explosive ministers that make themselves audible in the thick of the fray. I have mentioned that Ben Franklin's mother is buried at the church as well as Sam Adams, Paul Revere, James Otis, John Hancock. The Old North church has crypt in the basement I believe.and the church across the street is a Puritan graveyard. My brimstonetone message for day was that Mother Goose is also buried in the church graveyard. After lunch, I'll be in the library with my wife Donna for the afternoon. THE REAL Mother Goose was named Mary Goose (Vertigoose) born around 1645.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Books in our library written by ministers who have preached here

I wasn't looking for these. They are from a college from where I went to nursery school up to highschool in South Hamilton, Mass.
The church is historic and there is a cabinet of books written by minsters who have preached here at Park Street. When I looked for digitalized out of print I suprisingly didn't find anything. We are adjacent to the former offices of Little and Brown and I collect first edition Little and Brown hardcovers and often find them digitalized. What I did find were the student Theological journals from Gordon Conwell Seminary and are reading through them today, particularly an essay on the Futurity of the Resurrection in the writing of Paul.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Happy Birthday, Donna

My wife's sixty second birthday was today. Although we went out for lunch yesterday and were in today waiting for snow, we've been watching movies. The Lost Daughter, Bright Star, a superb biographical film about the poet John Keats and Blue Jay in this group of movies. We kept the same ballon as last month, rather than getting her a birthday balloon, mostly because it is still in the same spot.

Monday, January 3, 2022

2022 Cambridge, Boston

We left Boston early New Years Eve for a view of the fireworks from the thirteenth floor. During remodeling, our terraces were removed, so I didn't photograph them. We had mostly been at Macy's. Donna brought Christmas cards with her to the church library this morning, which I appreciated being part of- there are old post cards of the church to the front of the library entrance and tonight I came across that her church was the tallest building in the United States between 1810 and 1828, which included the War of 1812. The Old North Church is visible from where Tremont Street begins and that had been the tallest building in the United States prior to that, ostensibly why Paul Revere decided upon it during the Revolutionary War. Again, Paul Revere, who in fact lived untill 1818, is buried in the church yard adjacent to Donna's library, where I had lunch this afternoon while she was working at the library desk, and the grave yard can be seen from a window that amounts to what is a glass wall overlooking it, the glass wall the size of an entire room. This is the church one hundred years later, in 1910.
If you look at the bottom postcard, there is a tree that is visible and Paul Revere is buried behind it and the glass wall room sized window is facing him, not visible from this view. Donna gave Christmas cards to the minister and his wife, whom we have only known shortly, there having been four, one might say six ministers that we have known that are no longer with the church, but this morning there were alao members that we have known for longer than five years. It made for a nice morning. I happenned to be reading about the difference between the immortality of the soul and the resurrection of the body and how the conception of spiritual, angelic intermediate states may have arouse from that discourse. I also came across a biography of Cotton Mather- almost pure biography other than the exhortation "to be Fruitful" and someone had left a bookmark with a watercolor of Harvard Yard on it.Our half a room size almost all glass room window, where we could see the New Years fireworks, faces in the opposite direction of Harvard Yard, thirteen floors higher than it, where I can just see what is possibly our church steeple from its tip and just barely what seems to be the gold dome of the State House.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Cambridge, Massachusetts

I was ready to take Donna's picture in front of the Christmas Tree on Boston Common, probably the largest in Massssachusetts, on Sunday, when I realized I had used all of my computer during the church service and it needed to be recharged. Today we were in Cambridge.

Scott Lord