Sunday, February 4, 2024

Donna is at her library desk as the church organ plays upstairs- this is a poster of the church from 1971

From a poster made during 1971, this may in fact be The Old North Church, the tallest building in America before 1809 when the Park Street Church was built, it then becoming the tallest. I belive both have clocks. I asked a member from M.I.T and he thought it was Park Street Church and it afforded me the chance to tell him that the Internet Archive hists all Dewey Decinal categories of out of print books by using keyword search, not just "Christianity", but also "Thermodynamics". She refers to it as her "antique desk". These are my photos from this morning when Donna was behind her desk.
photos: Scott Lord, I apologize for the lack of a telephoto lens.

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