Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Donna took me to another movie (Zelda Strikes Again?)

Donna and I had a luncheon to go to this noontime (hamburgers, potato salad) and after she wanted to go to a film. It's always her choice of which film and we missed Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows, but it was a good film, camerawork included. The beginning shot of interest was a double top shot, ie. two adjacent top shots from different positions, but some of the compositions were well-thought out, not only that but the story is good. There is a supporting actress that actually would qualify more for best actress, if you consider the film.
We were going to walk through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. and follow the river to return here
 nightfall to watch fireworks, but she didn't see any reason or point to it.
Things are romantic, without any emotional roller coaster, and not only that, but the hawk next door has learned how to circle the building and land on the roof.
I'm waiting to film the Boston skyline on my laptop tonight. In short, I have turned 50 and have officially moved in with Donna after informally living with her and being nearly inseperable for a  year.
Donna has on a beautiful new silver dress. In regard to the war, Old Ironsides was written by Oliver Wendell Holmes and I'll try to find a Houghton Mifflin copy of it soon this week. The actual battle that began the war of 1812 from, once again Boston Harbour, dated August 19, 1812.

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