Saturday, December 10, 2011

Boston:Donna and I;another quiet Friday Night,passionate Thursday midnight.

The key is that there is a search box on the top of the internet archive if you use the text section, therefore, any book can be searched for its index- quickly.

Meaning, I'm in a coffee in Boaton looking at existant architecture. Henry Cabot Lodge, if you use the regular, or first wave, of search, wrote a book entitled Boston, which consists of the history of tne Revolutionary War.
To go on, Oliver Wendall Holmes wrote a volume on his college experience in Boston. Search that for street names or sections of Boston in the next wave of search and it is exactly four minutes past the hour. That fast- during coffee- and I can continue to find what we have on the buildings downtown that are across the street and how they looked in the 19th century.

I can meet Donna for the second coffee and bagel; usually, most often,I have a french toast bagel with either cream cheese or with egg, ham and cheese.

Scott Lord

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Scott Lord