Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What would Donna be writing? Hallmark Movel Channel ,Lifetime Movie Network

What would Donna be writing?

Nightly? Either Hallmark Movie Channel or Lifetime Movie Network.

I can't get a classic movie in, so as a writer, I went back to listening to Old Time Radio, which recently has included The CBS Mystery Theater, Murder at Midnight, The Shadow, Weird Circle, Murder by Experts and could include any radio drama broadcast between 1930 and 1949. I haven't yet listened to the Basil Rathbone-Tom Conway Nigel Bruce series yet, but shall. I acquired the taste for it when I found out that while you're typing, you can play an MPG file. I'm sure they listened to radio drama while typing back in 1938, this just consolidates the keyboard with the amplitude modulation.

Last night Donna took me to dinner again, which to me is a compliment as I appreciate actually getting the date and to her its a thank you that I implore her to accept; it came in the middle of three very beautiful late nights, where we we hopping into the shower at two in the morning after having made love. Three out of five nights.
Thinking of Cajun that I had had with her sometime last week, I ordered creole Shrimp with rice. Here's the secret: "a ton of shrimp". I thanked her the entire way back to her apartment. It was nice.

What would she be writing? Because it is part of a romantic affair, I linked the two channels she has interest in. She loves a movie after dinner, but stays with only two networks: Lifetime Movie Network and The Hallmark Channel.

Are her parents in New Jersey giving her a lot of unnecessary difficulty about my existence? Maybe. Do I need or ask for their approval? Probably not.

If I read in bed while she's watching a film it will first be finishing The Moon and Sixpence.


Was Shakespeare Dead?

For a culture so adept at pinpointing when Paul McCartney died, it very may well be that there were two William Shakespeares, BUT was Shakespeare held in retirement? Only to write sonnets after being presumed dead?
Let me rephrase my question: Was Shakespeare alive during the reign of the Scottish James I and could Shakespeare have written after being handed a fake death by the King? Was he Elizabethan, not Jacobian?

Was Shakespeare in fact Alive? Is the two Shakespeares a post-humous afterthought?

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