Monday, November 14, 2011

I showed Donna the Swedenborg Chapel-Yard Closed-Coffee

I showed Donna the Swedenborg Chapel off of Kirkland Street. After we went to King's Chapel, on Tremont, months ago, I told her that any church that we pass we could go inside and she could pray. If I find a church of historical or architectural interest i try to bring her in; today The Wedding Chapel was closed to the public, but they do have study groups on Emmanuel Swedenborg. i explained it was Helen Keller's church.
Harvard Yard closed to the general public- consider the impact, particularly to open air poetry happenings. The ramifications of it not being open to the public. Matters or what? There is a statue given to them by Moore in there that is my favorite work of Modern Art-it could be more erotic for abstract and as a child I did a soap sculpture very much like it: space age.
The yard in the middle of the University is closed and identification is required to enter. So we went for coffee in the Square and they played Donovan (and D'yer Maker) the weather is true, pure New England Autumn. I cooked dinner for her, not her favorite rice, cheese soup and tuna, but something very much like it with noodles and peas.
We in fact has a beautiful walk together- the leaves are changing.

Scott Lord

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