Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why are there Mormons at the grave of Marry Baker Eddy? Donna and I want out of the evangelical movement.

There actually weren't any Mormons there while we were visiting, but I was trying to locate the grave of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and was a half a football field off. But I'm sure they were there and might be there now.
Donna and I are looking for a new, hopefully more traditional church. Feel free to invite us.
I want her out of the Evangelical, which she has attended with me in a converted Baptist. Problem- she wants to go because of an interest in the Bible and a desire to sing hymns. She had asked for pastoral counseling and was only given it very begrudgingly, and when it came they "laid a you're not a good Christian trip on her." So we made it to Sunday and, as an agnostic, I can only say that God is only benevolent and if not benevolent, there is no God and if so, benevolence is a good crazy idea to borrow and the Universe can be benevolent for all I care.
    Having asked you to think upon that, and its only marginal that I include that if God is Silent then is the Universe meditative and contemplative, what does the Universe take its time to impart, I'm sure its ok for agnostic writers to sleep with and have premartial sex with church going Christians, provide they hold an individuality that surfaces as freedom of worship. If it means something to the other person, it automaticlly can become part of the relationship. We would be honored to attend your church. She feels a belief and or relationship to God and I happen to be reading The Moon and Sixpence by W. S. Maugham at the moment and at this particular juncture in life and agnostic journey of footprints that disappear in the sand after they've carried you to where there is only water for miles. My older blog entries might contain explanations of intellectual things and romantic events that led up to this if you were curious or interested.

Add this to my new novel, I later need a chance to type it in, splice paragraphs together and revise:

"That's beautiful."
"Tragedy is."
"I don't know about that."
"I won't tell a soul."

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Scott Lord

Scott Lord