Sunday, October 2, 2011

Live like that, Live for it, Live with her. I brought Donna back a bathrobe,a nightgown and roses.

This morning i wrote: Live like that, live for it, live with her. I later amended it with Beauty is Truth. She was waiting for her television tp be repaired Friday and I picked out lingerie for her, a plush bathrobe and a nightgown. We exchanged the nightgown from a flannel with roses medium to a small sexier silky two piece. I took her for breakfast Saturday morning and the florist was closed, so that evening, while we were out having coffee, I excused myself from the table and got a her a dozen smaller (mini) roses while she was waiting. Point being she does like clothes and to show how well I know her, I wanted to bring  the bathrobe to her. Tonight, and incidently, I took her to lunch before and coffee after, we returned to church for the first time since our spending Labor Day weekend at Good Harbor beach. I left the study of the book of Mark incomplete, not typing up all my notes or glancing at any philosophy- we began The Letter of James with Chapter I for the first of what will be ten weeks. Again, I am agnostic, if not existentialist, and she enjoys singing in church. Hymns can be, for the main part, hymns of praise.
Apparently the book can lead to "Christ-centered wisdom" particularly about discipleship after the resurrection, the request for wisdom amist affliction, and a refining of faith when kept steadfast. My translation of "God tempts no one" was "Live like that :Love offers no other existence; existence offers no compromise."

The quote "Live like that" came to me after Donna had told her someone in an important position, "I love him very much." It was in regard to our living together or living together as married. It meaning was we had just gone shopping together or had taken a walk and I realized how important it was to confront the things that detract for how you live only be living otherwise and that once you experience romance and or happiness, it doesn't matter what else there might happen to be. If a quiet moment comes that feels like it is romance, allow it precedence. It might be an equivalent to "that was cool", but more with an exhortation of "that was what I was waiting for, there can be more of it".

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