Sunday, October 30, 2011

Donna took me to yet another film:how did it end?

Donna took me to dinner one night, a pizza, and its been seldom since July that we've had one, and a movie the next.
But how did it end? She needed to go to the bathroom and by the time we got back to our seats, the credits had finished. The movie was exceptional and she actually said it was her favorite that we've seen at that theater. The light play from the begining of the film was nice; geometric shapes accentuated by contrast ratios. I eventually said to Donna there was too much soft-focus in the film, but I generally find that there is in many films. His shot structure varied so that he cut from shot to shot for an entire scene before using a tracking shot, his finally using a reverse angle cut in the middle of the film and then only using a combined dolly, a tracking shot during which he stops to zoom in, later after that.
But the story line to the film is established by cutting back and forth between the present and numerous flashback scenes, which becomes interesting when the two female characters are contrasted in the present.

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