Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Donna almost my roomate, nearly my fiancee, I Love You and ask you to be in love with me.

      Can I make it a letter? Do I have to propose marriage one last time publicly?
       In regard to any refusal on the part of the church we were in today about performing our ceremony because I was introduced as an agnostic and they will only marry Christians, I'm asking that we never speak to them again. I want to offend whomever gave them the idea and concede.
       If  we marry? I asked you while we were in the shower together, you can accept at any time. You can tell me have accepted  when we're in bed- I never have to ask again. You have the privilege of accepting my marriage proposal only while we are in bed and I don't have to ask again: whenever you say if ever.
       In regard to your saying I Love You, "Goodnight". 
Sincerely, honestly, after all that, I'd love to hear it. The minute you say " Goodnight I Love You", I'll say Goodnight. Goodnight ahead of time.

In regard to my removal of any nude photographs of myself that were on this webpage from before we began dating- I'll be honest, I would love to know that you are physically attracted to me and if I left them on then it was because "I have a small bum"- allow me to be formerly concieted. 
But, I need you, don't  make it any less. If I say I need to hold you- I do. If I need to know you like or want my body, I do- for us, because we are us, because there "is an us". Us. If  I ask you to keep it intimate, I'm saying keep it us. About our living together: thanks for trying, romanticly- formally  living together would have been a beautiful way  to live, informally living together would have been a beautiful was to love. 
. If I say that you are pretty- then romanticly: Us.
 When I say "Goodnight"- Us.

Scott Lord