Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A bagel and cream cheese waiting for Donna at Holyoke Gate."I don't know what to say.I'm disappointed that you didn't call me after work."

Last night I thinking of going to the gym and resuming some type of lifting program, when Donna changed our plans for lunch today. In bed I just said, "It caught up with me.", meaning the entire scene. The night before I asked her about making love and when she explained how she felt I said, then that was my best to date. Whether it was or not I had added some lengthy foreplay that may have been more than sensitive enough to make it conducive later to a deeper intimacy. Today I called and said, "I don't know what to say." She may have been uptight about her schedule and I just added, "You can call me anytime. Then I'm disappointed that you didn't call me right after work."
    If I did happen to see my ex-wife walking in the cold while I was riding the bus, I'm going to try everything to keep that from Donna, even if it amounts in some double standard about men and their emotions. My memory of the ex-wife only comes back in spurts and last night they were slightly heavier and Donna has no idea what might inadvertantly on her part might all of a sudden jog my memory (peanuts-elephants? could be anything really),  but being reticient , if not taciturn, is the only need. It looked like I rode by her on a bus while she was walking in Donna's direction, so Hari Krisna, Nami ho rengay kyo: God Love You and Blessed Be- i don't need your life story just beacause we're are no longer married.
    I'm picking up Donna after an appointment; I went to Harvard Square to buy Norwegian Shag. I asked someone from the University why we play Holy Cross if we are Ivy League, but told him that I could easily just get a ticket to a game and enjoy it without a question if I just show up. I then went to one her favorite coffee shops, and when I asked for credit, telling the store person that I was waiting for my girlfriend and plans had left me down here without money, he offered to add a bagle and cheese. I owe him the later patronage, if not for a coffee and bagel. I was honestly short. If your my reader, it could be any coffee shop near Holyoke Gate and The Porcelain Club, it just happens to be one that Donna and I go to.

Scott Lord

ps. Embed my video if you'd like, I sincerely need to accelerate my study and or enjoyment of literature. What you read during a love affair is a significance: I'm presently in the middle of The Moon and Sixpence.

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