Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Donna and Scott: Stevie Nicks - Rhiannon (live in Boston)

Right before what would have been my favorite song from the concert, Donna and I thought it would be ok to walk up the aisle and bring her to the ladies room. She said, "I love this song." The concert hall was small enough so that I could watch the stage while waiting. We walked briskly holding hands back to our seats before the song ended. What was important was that we had to go somewhere, that instance it was back to our seats, and we were alone together as a couple while getting there: we spent a wonderful Labor Day weekend together on Good Harbor Beach so the song has a special meaning between us after our needing to hurry to catch a train. I have since found no available footage from the October concert.
I need it right now. I see now need to keep it a secret having your period can coincide with a very needed expensive vacation. Now were are back in the city and I happen to be very fond of "my Rhiannon". The last thing she happened to say before falling asleep last night was , "I love you". Holding hands in bed as well as in public.

Scott Lord

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