Saturday, August 27, 2011

Donna took me to breakfast: Symbol from the ninth floor


Donna took me to brunch again. She likes super cinnamon bagels and "treats" me to a french toast bagel with cream cheese and coffee.
Another night of passion and she said. "I'm honored" in reference to her bringing me to climax. She used the word saturated. She said that she had been trying to do that for eighty days. We make love on the ninth floor, but while we were working together she brought me to the 19th floor to see the view.
Another morning of our saying "Good morning" and "I love you" while waking up together. I told her that that was the difference between sex and making love; saying "I love you" the next morning. We discussed that the pigeons were copulating.
Because there's a storm predicted may I note that we have very romantic reservations to stay in Gloucester near where I used to ride bicycles in highschool by Magnolia.
Motif 1 shows a ocean horizon at sealevel; I'm hoping to also bring her to Hammond Castle. Allow it to be a symbol before the storm.

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