Monday, August 22, 2011

Donna brought me to another movie.exceptional film

It being Sunday, Donna and I overslept and missed church again. The pastor did call me and promised to call her. She was grappling with thoughts about Christian marriage and the will of God and the minister was didn't have the time to call her so I left a message saying that he could seek his eternal reward when the river sytx was graced with his prescence whether it was to transform itself to ice or not. She was stressed out, but twelve years ago, before her and I met, I had a maxim about the matter: rather than saying, "What profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul" I would use the quote to live in peace and apply it as, "What good is it if you gain turbulence in your relationship with the world and lose the art of making love with each other- try to care enough to alleviate suffering." My import was: just call the woman so there won't be any religious torment.
Another night of passion between Donna and I. We went to Boston Saturday and rather than her asking me if I wanted a French toast bagel, we went to window shop through thrift stores and consignment shops, where she bought me a button that reads, "Color in Modern Film". It looks like a student made it with a button maker. In highschool, one of the men had a button maker and he made me one with a photo of Albert Camus: at the time Donna was in college studying The Philosophy of Art.
One Day is an exeplary film and, although its more enjoyable than The Tree of Life and has more romantic plot and flashback twist, one can very easily view both films in the same afternoon.

Scott Lord