Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Donna Said I Love You (Cyclops:Like Magic)

Intense. One night apart. One morning not spent together since June 1, 2011. Donna called this morning to say I Love You.

I called back to say I Love You.

Details: we just spoke again. The games might be over. Synopsis: I knew her while I was married and we found each other after. She asked for a ring. I told her I didn't know if I could marry yet, we needed a licence and I was waiting to hear since it was noncontested.
We've been in be together, waiting.
On the morning where she thought she try one night alone, I called the court to find out I was ironically divorced the entire time. Peace forever to all parties concerned- but I proposed with a now or never.
We didn't make it. Not even after my whispering the name Donna Lord into her ear during last Sunday's church service. We would have been married a year from yesterday.

We're still lovers. What it allowed untill now was a game of "Do you want to break up- If you loved me you wouldn't want to break up." There are no more ghosts or what if you cheat on me? That's over- I'm free to marry again. No more games about being faithful but going to church. It's removed Jesus from that part of the picture. I explained it- I am that badly hurt by cheat on each other-break up with each other every time you turn around, and the Christ will make it all better every time you turn around. During last month I did offer to study Kierkegaard, or restudy him without as much "man shall be god: existence shall precede essence."
The teleological suspension is now redirected to love.
I still love you. I in fact need you more.

Oh, the word Cyclops is a Scott and Donna (don't tell Jen were are now "Sconna", she's been going through some heavy on the telephone issues, its hard to tell me and Jen apart sometimes, we're symbiotic)Donna is most pretty it bed while she's on a pillow, but she says our faces are so close together she can only see one of my eyes at a time. So she calls me "a Cyclops" rather than 'Odin' the thunder-god-figure-personification-being-that-will-extend his-being-into-creative-things. Its like the floating finger thing our babysitter had during the seventies where you take two fingers and cause an optical illusion hern they near.

Scott Lord