Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Donna: post-coital Rice Crispies and Raisins after a shower

"It was spectacular."
Most every night Donna watches a movie on the Lifetime Movie Network "to relax" This morning she said that she had watched it every night alone thinking, "I wish I had a boyfriend to watch them with. I had been watching three Boris Karloff films in a row every night, sometimes the same ones, while at the computer. This week, after spending almost every night together since the first it June, it had become that I was on the computer during her film rather than laying in bed with her.
Last night we got to a critical point and I told her we couldn't continue talking to each other. "I love you, I'm in love with you, that's my last word. We have nothing further to say." We went to bed at eight o'clock and left the movie off. I looked for places on her body I hadn't explored before. By the end I had my finger between two of her toes. I kissed everywhere, moving my lips vertically. When it was where I wanted I kissed wildly, where I wanted again, softly; softer untill underneath her chin, softer than I thought I could. On my biceps, I barely moved, almost motionless-what she said I won't ever write, which she later reiterated ebulliently, "We can have sex, that's good." This morning she reminded me that I said, "Donna, tell me you love me and use my name." while kissing her fervantly with my hands over my head just enough to reach her breasts and keep my finger on her nipples, while kissing her stomach and lower than her stomach. I think she later said, "I liked that alot."
Using an incomplete sentence, she added words to the effect, "You better be mine after that; I better be where I know you are." with the nicest, most unexpected smile, or look of love, I have ever seen, as though she were suprised.
This morning she gave me the one look of sexual shyness that made it beautiful-in between giggling that we had been together.

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