Sunday, July 3, 2011

Donna brought me to another movie, I took her to dinner.

Actually, one shower together brought us together and cleared everything between us. For the most part it did. She brought me to a film at the Harvard Square Theater and I took her to dinner again, egg foo young for her and things with shrimp for me.
There was a night of passion and then a night of just holding each other.
We missed church and stayed in bed all morning, which she liked. She was beautiful to look at while making love during the late morning. She was laughing about out having stayed in most of the afternoon. When she asked me what I wanted for my birthday I kept saying tuna, rice and cheese soup, which we made together tonight. I had picked up two of her new dresses for her from the tailor before coming.
The shower together was a conversation about whether we could or could ever marry. I've decided to let things happen and possibly not discuss it as often as a prerequisite of our being together, but also to let things happen.
She had to see a doctor and when we got there the clinic was closed, so I might return to a seriousness; serious things can happen at any time, therefore we can be together if I'm aware of that. She brought me to coffee again.
I need her body, but it is because its hers. She continually says that she can't sleep without me and it is becoming that I need her at night. She can be cute when we're on the same pillow and she seems to think its ok if our faces near to being almost together for as long as you would think they possibly could. She likes it when I touch her hair. But its gotten to her saying, "That felt good."
I'm now 49 and I'm with someone again, I'm no longer alone; she actully said, "I'm available to be with you every night."

Scott Lord