Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anniston rather than Diaz- Donna took me to another movie in Harvard Square

Last night Donna took me to the Harvard Square Theater again. Last time it was for the film Bad Teacher; this time it was for the film Horrible Bosses. It was a fast paced comedy and she began laughing non-stop during the last one fourth of the film. Right before that I whispered in her ear, "You haven't said I love you during the film." It was just at an arbitrary point in the film when I thought that we should tell each other. When we first decided to to date we were joking that she was "a Jen", that there was a parallel between lives of the two women and that they were intertwined within the universe, my being with "a Jen". The film does use speed to make the second half of it humorous, like classic Hollywood comedy in the 20's, 30's 40's. Once the plot premise is established, the humor is based on comedic action in plot twists.
Harvard Square was nice after midnight while holding her hand. Before going to the film we had resumed our conversations in the shower about getting engaged, this occasion being more intimate.
She greeted the assistant pastor who agreed to meet with us later to schedule pre-marriage consultations about being engaged for the next year. The sermon was on a passage on Is there marriage after the resurrection. Is the something greater than marriage after death while living in the covenant of Christ where there will be no marriages and where humans are as like angels, living in his love? The reverend answer seemed to be than human love is not perfect and the only perfect love is in heaven. It reminded me of "Under The View of Eternity" in that, if love exists on earth there is a teleological suspension of its value and its aesthetic value after death. It can be seen by the view that eternity exists and it can exist for however love we do- love spent on earth is better than not have loved at all.
The bible passage is consistent with one that follows which reads love thy neighbor (specificly modified as love your spouse as well as you can)as yourself in that in heaven there is only love, it is a benevolent force. The church speaks too often about "Christ's authority", which of course is supported by Jesus's claim that God is the Father. It becomes a little oppressive but not too weird to sit through; after attending their service three times I generally expect a little work on God Reigns, which manifested itself today in something to the effect of give to the Lord what is his and give to Ceasar what belongs to him, (throw the Christians to the Christians and the Lions to the Lions)I found it more fascinating that a six sided figure can be made with the cross and that can be enclosed within an elongated semi-circle. I have an renewed interest in the architecture of New England and if I were to write a "Moby Dick" it would encompass the history of architecture of New England. It was interesting that he saw the God of the Old Testament interpreted by Jesus- God was the God of the Old Testment and was alive and is still alive with the New.
I opened a new blog entitled Donna and Scott that could be written by both of us. Actually, her I cleaned her apartment most of the morning and at night spent a long time together in the supermarket.

Scott Lord