Thursday, June 2, 2011

She kissed me.

She kissed me.
I stared while she spoke.
I held her.

Of course we went on to other things. After dinner I filmed her with my webcam and she asked that I not show anyone. I would more than anyone, she's prettier than ever. And, suprisingly she asked that I stay the night, and we talked untill early in the morning during the thunderstorm. by the time I woke her during the night, I kissed her on the forehead and asked her to go back to sleep.

Tonight we were talking and I reminded her that we met during 2001. She said the most romantic thing about our next date.

I've been writing the novel longhand with a pen; she does really want to begin her novel and revising webpages.

Written latter:

She is not getting enough sleep now that we are dating. Last night, after we said good night I called thinking she would have left her message machine on, and quickly I apologized only as a politeness and said I wanted to leave a message for morning saying, "I will be so good to you" and only that, because I've known her a long time and care about her. So I was realizing that I care about her and happen to have always thought she was cute.
She said she was thinking of me too, we said goodnight and I love you to each other.
I'm waiting to see her now, we have another date for tonight. Casually, we have a date anytime she calls; she said she will call if we can only be together for an hour, depending on her schedule and told she could, whenever we can be together I'll try to make it.
Today she added to it, she said, "I love you so much."

Scott Lord

Scott Lord