Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Girlfriend, Donna took me to dinner

My new girlfriend, Dana Lynn (penname), took me to dinner last night and said that I could use her real name on the internet.
It's Donna.
We were kissing in the elevator in front of someone we've both known for a decade, it circulating the surprise and yet I hope that we are more surprised than anyone; its been romantic and and a little fun.
She took me to dinner. I believe it the third time for that restaurant this month, which where we knew each other. We later went shopping together for necessities, which was nice. I said, "This is a good place to kiss." It literally made it more like living together.
We watched a fairly good film in bed, The Lake House, with Christopher Plummer. Later I heard the train, which happens to be the same train that I've heard for years, so I mentioned it because I didn't know that she could hear it where she was and I asked her about the time, her replying that it was approximately its favorite time. I was surprised because the view is the skyline and didn't know the train was that loud.
I usually say, "The city is beautiful tonight."
She's been dressed up almost every night this month. She said that I could film her while she's asleep so that she wouldn't notice the webcam or while she is singing if I set up the camera and went into the other room while it was filming.

Scott Lord

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