Friday, June 10, 2011

New Girlfriend- caught in our second thunderstorm

We were caught in our second thunderstorm. The Boston city skyline is beautiful from this side of the river. She was surfing for a recording artist and my Dell laptop needed to be recharged, so I didn't film her singing. I waited for the weather to clear and then brought back ice cream.
We have our own table in the coffee shop, right next to the old table where I saw her for years while I was married and thought she was living with someone.
We usually watch a movie in bed, but she turned it off early so that we could talk. A little talk about my moving in or our living together, which I really can't answer right now. But I woke up there the last two mornings, which makes almost every day this month so far.
I looked for a copy of Human Sexual Response to give her, but couldn't find one. Human Sexual Inadequacy happened to be among my things before we re-met.
I couldn't find a study that would be newer or equivalent other than the Venus Men are Easy when with Mars Girls (They're Ok if they Say they're Ok).
Script details: she couldn't find anywhere she wanted to have dinner in Harvard Square, so we went back to where we met the first time, but had a long enjoyable bus ride. The the next morning, I left and came back for lunch, thinking she had something to do later, but the thunder and lightning came so I stayed to listen to her sing.
I never read Couples, because I got a letter from John Updike right after he wrote Marry Me, but it seems like one of the novels I would ask for while she is on the computer surfing, only because i told her I am still fond of who she was when we "only knew each other". I tried to explain that I love her more now because I now love what we were then more- seperated from her for a year after becoming "seperated". Now I know her better, more intimately. Now I'm different.
Actually, the kissing has become more involved. She left a message while I was lifting, which is almost the same as last month, but I'm only lifting every other day. Thirty repetitions on the abdomen nautalis at 240 lbs. Curls are free weight. I weigh 135. The torso was quick, about 15 repetitions at 200lbs. Most of the lift is about the same.

Scott Lord

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