Saturday, June 25, 2011

Am I officially engaged? Donna took me a movie and lunch, hand in hand through more of Cambridge

Its becoming a summer where Donna and I are walking hand in hand through new sections of the same old Cambridge everyday. Last night we walked through a section well known to both of us. Today through a side street near MIT that I hadn't really seen before and then down Massachusetts Avenue.
She took me to the film Beginners at the same theater where we saw Tree Of Life together. The trailers reminded me to look for Fassbinder, but is it possible he's made a new film? It was a film I enjoyed more than I thought I would and one that you could double feature with Tree of Life, but not from necessity.
It is in fact a film about a couple in love or falling in love. I would want to look at the camerawork again, but there was some that was artistic; the cutting wasn't rapid but some shots were well designed for being as brief as they were.

We have an old saying, "You get something too." The suprise could be that we have an evening planned and that for my birthday she will be getting ring for a present. She mentioned that she would like one. Larger secret, she was discussing ourn living together with her parents.

Scott Lord

Scott Lord