Saturday, May 28, 2011

They have seen a ghost-Jessica (blonde) and I are in the Square, not exactly together.

First off, I renewed a very dear aquaintance of mine this evening. Treat it as precious.

Jessica said hi to me in Central. She smiled and was glad to see me. She always liked me better after a hair cut. She was probably the one I loved most while I was married.
So Man's Fate this and The Myth of Sisyphus that and this is Nausea and that is indifference to the universe that we are condemed to be free on, and this is the for-itself and that is the in-itself: I decided to make it to the Square a little bit later than her.
I caught up to her and she stopped like we were supposed to talk. Ecstasy. She's now an artist. But, I've always been very much older than she. After looking at her for more than five years, and of course we both know about when, she stopped to talk for that one brief moment. Wow, I loved her most, I'm fairly sure she was there before the wedding. I thought that since I've known the Square almost for as long as she's been alive, I would stroll down and meet her down there. She caught with with me and passed me at the bookstore. As she turned the corner, I opened up the computer in the event I could photograph her.
I've already discussed this with the woman I'm waiting to hear from. The computer was timing out, but i did make a live blog entry before the power went low. I had a coffee and tried to tan. I'd like a better lift before tanning in the Square. You can see that I lift, but you wouldn't quite quess that the fraction is 240 over 135 (I weigh 135 and lift 240).

Then one of my oldest friends in the world came up to me.

"I missed you"

We talked intimately in the Square for twenty minutes and- maybe I can see her. I knew her almost the entire time I was married; really anyone you knew before 2011 you would stop counting if you hadn't seen them in a while.
She really said she wanted to see me soon. I'm trying her number right now.

My really pretty reader that could have and only could have just walked by- its possible.

I'm still waiting for my woman friend to return my call. Seriously. We had the discussion about her being married while I was and she was cute about it. I thought she was in love and she really said that she knew I loved my wife. I said I did. She really said that she wondered why I didn't say goodbye. I thanked, alot, and told her that I didn't need to talk about it any more. Just send a nice thought to the girl that we knew that in alot of ways saved me and leave it at that. Quickly, the whole entire time we weren't flirting I thought she was as in love as I was with the other person. She may or may not have dated after I left. Meaning, I find it incredible that there's a still a chance. Honestly, there were circumstances that never arose during that time where I would have needed her had I known I could see her. That I knew about. So, we have somewhere where we've agreed we can meet.
My difficulties, forget them; her problems, insights, recollections, secret desires I adore her for and would love to listen to all night.

I just left her a message to call me to say "Good Night". If its ok with her, then it is. I'd loved to become over involved if there's a chance.

Scott Lord