Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve: Downtown Boston, Horse Drawn Carriage

Horse Drawn Carriage Downtown Boston

Boston Bridal Carriage

To fully appreciate our Christmas Eve, you might want to window shop surf their website.
Last year was record snowfall and you can see how Harvard University was submerged in icicles from the lecture videos from our online course in American poetry.

The Christmas Eve worship service from Donna's church across from the Orpheum Theater was a regular service and we have been to several this month, but it wasn't really needed to get out of any blizzard of any sort, so we went into the shopping district to return something at Macy's, which had closed at six o'clock.
Donna said that what she wanted most in the world was to ride the horse drawn carriage through the city. I had to find the stand and thought I remembered seeing them at Faneuil Hall, which has changed just enough for the stand to have moved.

After riding through a completely empty Liberty Square, downtown Boston, at nine o'clock at night, on the warmest Christmas since 1955, the record breaking "Blink" Christmas Tree at Faneuil Hall blasted Handel's Messiah recorded by the Boston Pops. The Blink exhibition was a series of flashing Christmas lights where the tree changed colors from Red to Green to White. It was synchronized to our arriving at the Customs House at the end of the carriage ride.

Architectural study would mostly look at the nineteenth (upto Edwardian) century-but walking back I found a plaque where Paul Revere's Silver Shop once was, notable in that The Old North Church, The Paul Revere House and needless to say Paul Revere's grave, are still landmarks in Boston that can be seen at anytime.

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