Monday, October 19, 2015

Donna saw author Joyce Carol Oates, First Parish Church, Harvard Square

An incredible surprise. We were in Harvard Square to fill a prescription for Donna's glasses and the advertising board outside the Harvard Square Bookstore had posted that there would be a reading given by author Joyce Carol Oates. We had lunch together during the remaining three hours.
it was given at the First Parish Church, near Church Street, adjacent to the Old Burial Ground, where some of my online classes from Harvard University on the poet Anne Bradstreet were filmed.
it was a complete surprise. Because Donna was Phi Beta Kappa in New Jersey, I've have already been taking online classes from Princeton University, although they are not conducted by Ms. Oates. But she did demonstrate that she is not only a novelist, but a writer of literary criticism.
I was tiring of the story, but I had seen Joyce Carol Oates, as well as George Plimpton and John Updike, during the twentieth century, at the Boston Public Library; a quarter of century ago I believe.

Scott Lord