Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A new Wild Rabbit, The Swan Boats on Boston Common,an actor

It's a new wild rabbit; his eyes are smaller than the other one we had. He is in our courtyard, quadrangle, where the other one was. It is nocturnal like the other one. It is an outdoor smoking lounge with train tracks heading toward the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on one side and 19 floors on the other: therefore we have a flock of pigeons, tonight the one entirely white pigeon found our terrace again.
This afternoon, on Boston Common, and we can see the Prudential and Hancock from this height, we took the Swan Boats. "It was good relaxation for 15 minutes." We had had lunch on Arch Street, Boston, near Congress, Federal and Winthrop Streets. 
We got to near Emerson College and someone emerged from the theater, so I asked if the Carole King Musical was playing and he kindly said it was at another theater and his theater was putting on the Book of Mormon. I then socially inquired if he was in the play, and he replied that he just worked for the theater house, but the question was on its mark and elicited a good response.
On the Swan boats a turtle had climbed on to the ramp to the island and was positioned between the two Swans.
While we were in the Swan Boats, the couple behind us was talking about a play the student was writing as I eavesdropped, when the exclaimed that someone from Broadway was on the shore/bank with the ducks. They recognized him as an off Broadway performer, David Larsen.
We passed him first after getting of the Swan Boat, so I asked him,"excuse me, were you an actor?" And he replied yes, so my explanatory remark was "the kids recognized you".
As we continued on, the couple from the boat caught up with the actor, and they seemed through as we peered through the trees as they got autographs or photos.bHe apparently is in the Broadway show The Book of Mormon, presently touring Boston.
I need my questions to be those of a novelist, and they were.
The rabbits, if you read earlier entries have been here for a year. First we spotted the at Mount Auburn Cemetary after having lunch here in Cambridge, and then at the Longfellow House on Brattle Street. By dint of some strange luck, one showed up here, near my ashtray.

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