Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thank you, Donna. I completed more than ten online classes.

My certificate for the online class in Film from Wesleyean University was sent today reading 100%. It is a statement of achievement and usually classes offer achievement with distinction for anything higher than 90%, whereas this professor saw it just quizzes to test if you were paying attention. And another certificate arrived from the University of Denmark for Scandinavian film and Television. It is a course I've completed twice. A year ago, it was my first class and the writing was on Ordet, a film by Carl Dreyer and the certificate was an 87%. I now have seven certificates for the six different courses, but with two or three now being processed. This year the essay, graded by fellow student, was on Scandinavian Television, which I don't watch as opposed to Scandinavian Film, which I happen to enjoy; the grade for the same course came in lower the second time a year laager, but the lectures series on Hollywood film from Wesleyean ended with the perfect completetion. During that year, the course in Kierkegaard from the University of Denmark was a certificate of distinction at 91.5%. Add to these seven certificates, back up classes from England, not on Coursera, but on Future Learn. Two certificates have been sent for courses completed from Harvard, so I'll be looking for an improvement this year- more than Ten Online Classes from all of the world during my first year. I've correctly answered the last 74 questions from three countries, before that there may have been a perfect test from a fourth and fifth country, but the essays are peer graded. Scott Lord Scott Lord Written next morning after making love: News Flash: We again have a Hawk on the nineteenth floor during the day, and a wild rabbit in the backyard at night- we should name the rabbit Mascot. The first one we saw was at the grave of Longfellow and Amy Lowell, the second one was at the Longfellow House, a national park also, and the third was in the courtyard where I have a cigarette at night.

Scott Lord