Sunday, January 25, 2015


Our date while living together began with a pizza after shopping. She's a church librarian in Boston, so the theater was near where we usually spend our Sunday afternoon. We had a revealing discussion at the end. I thought there was going to be a reality switch where Jen jumps out of the hospital window and the girl that was deceased turns out to be the one that lived, but my fiancée explained that at the end when she sits up in the car, it was because she had gone through the window, so Inhad to ask how could that be, did she crash her car trying to save the girl that jumped off the bridge?
SO the film is almost made to be seen more than once. Does Jennifer Anniston playa dramatic character well? Very well considering she plays modern 21st century characters anyway, so when she seems out of her character she is already playing a typified modern woman of some sort, so that does work in the film.  Her age  comes off well with the character, then wisdom of not being young and inexperienced along with the do you believe this is happening to me.
The Taming of the Shrew is a neat play; I may have seen it performed on screen, but this is my second online class from the Shakespeare Birthplace trust and we haven't covered much of it online yet- more about my MOOCS later, we were at a film tonight. By the way, the rabbit was out in the courtyard tonight, so he was unharmed through any construction during the week and the first snow fall of the year- it's doubtfully we'll see him a lot during the weather predicted for this week. Almost every night since October he has been out there- he's wild. PostScript: I finished the second week of my third philosophy course online and I'm glad in that it is on Socretes and Kierkegaard was mentioned, which I why I enrolled, as a back up to the Keirkegaard course. I have 100% on both quizzes and used two attempts tonight, which is reasonable for Coursera- it's a completion for the week. The Kierkegaard has concluded, so I don't implicitly need the Socretes, but it is some College work for the week and it's inherent that the subjects of MOOCS vary as do the professors and University from which they're sent, ie. Edinburgh,Copenhagen and now Singapore, which is what I looked forward to when I began the first course on Scandinavian Film- I was super reluctant to add the poetry course from UPenn because it was from the United States.

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