Monday, December 8, 2014

Kierkegaard Certificate from University of Denmark, estimated 92% grade

The certificate came in from the University of Edinburgh for Introduction to Philosophy with a grade of  89.6%. They are now grading the certificate in the class in Kierkegaard from the University of Copenhagen, and I've estimated a 92%.

So the first part was one from each:

Scandinavian Film and  Television.                    University of Copenhagen.              87%
Modern Art,  Warhol.                                          University of Edinburgh.                  85%

Literature of the British Country House.            University of Sheffield.                     93%
Richard III                                                           University of Leicester.                     84%

Introduction to Philosophy.                                 University of Edinburgh.                   89.6%
American Poetry module 1.                                  Harvard University                           Completed
Shakespeare.                                                         University of Warwick.                      84%

Modern Poetry.                                                      University of Pennsylvania.        Completed/grading
Kiekegaard.                                                            University of Copenhagen.            92%/grading

The tenth course this year should be American Poetry second module from Harvard University, which is now in progress along with a course from University of Nottingham with the third Harvard module beginning less than twelve months from when the first of the courses-Film from Denmark, had begun- not quite, but almost one  MOOC a month for a year, there also being. Second module to the U Penn poetry on Shelley upcoming before February.

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