Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Donna's birthday: a wild rabbit greeted us getting out of the movie.


It was raining at eleven o'clock and as I hurried to get the taxi, a wild rabbit greeted us while we were getting out of the movie. I bought her roses earlier this month and brought them to her while she was at work in the church library- the following week she gave me an engagement ring at the church before she went in to work.

That was Von Trier week. Right now, after this entry, I have a lecture from my online course on Scandinavian Film and television- but while I'm hurrying, the poster for Nymphomania by Lars von Trier was in the movie theater; so I got enthusiastic. Director Lars von Trier is a former student of the lecturer I'm taking the course from at the University of Copenhagen, so while setting up the computer, the first thing I saw tonight was our online forum, which is like the classroom milleau (modality), and we're still discussing von Trier after Vinterberg's film was reviewed in the United States. But its Donna's birthday, so we had a pizza and went to a movie, which is how we began dating. I tried to explain or not explain Stellan Starsgaard's early carreer and the films he made in Sweden during the seventies- I'm particularly  fond of them and have tried to review them.

We have a rabbit in the backyard, courtyard rather, but this isn't the first place we saw one. First it was at a Victorian cemetary where Longfellow, Winslow Homer, and Amy Lowell are buried. Then we returned for a second visit and found another small rabit. Then we went to Longfellow's House, which is a museum, and there were rabbits there on two seperate visits. Our building has nineteen floors and a view of the Prudential and John Hancock in Boston- there was a brown hawk last year that lands on the top and this year a white hawk, I'm not certain what type of white hawk, a little larger than the brown. Huge eyes. Needless to say, the rabbit near the theater decided to show up while we were out. The one at our residence I have seen by now on a half dozen occaisions.

I have a lecture to finish tonight on Scandinavian Film and television- I've completed five weeks and have five more left . The coincidental intellectual disclaimer: I don't see the need to apologize for the outlandish coincident disclaimer- I was adopted in 1962 and my adoptive mother died young, mostly from (juvenille)diabetes. No blessing required from this government that may or may not be heterosexual or any other that can't find peace (or spirituality). The film is about the human condition, and in that regard it is a work of art. Deepen, broaden, not necessarily in that order.

Scott Lord