Sunday, September 8, 2013

Donna and I hadn't been to a movie in a while- she works in church library in Downtown Boston

The service today was actually from Ephesians and included in the hymns was How Great thou art. You, might say that the word "cosmic" replaced the word "transcendentalist" in the service, but still, I recognized the expression "universal truths". I'm not sure whether Ephesians includes the transubstiation, or transfiguration, of Christ at the moment, but the ascension to heaven was mention, meaning it would postulate whether "this is true because Christ was resurrection" or not, but there was a hint that the "cosmological" certainly includes a possible relation to Christ, particularly through faith. While Donna was working in the church library, which is in the heart of Downtown Boston, I noticed a shelf of ecclesiastical poetry titled "inklings" which she pointed out to me on the way back to the apartment, and I said that I thought it meant "Meditations". There might have been The Holy Sonnets of Donne, whom I think was one of the greatest British poets as an artist. And yet while she was shelving books I was reading a British novel by E. Phillips Oppenheim entitled The Illustrious Prince about a passenger on the Luisitania. My copy could be a first edition hardback; most likely it is. Donna mentioned that she wants to see every movie Jennifer Anniston ever makes,but we were early and she noticed the poster for this film. I had fried shrimp this time.

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