Monday, June 24, 2013

First week of Summer, Rockport Massachusetts

They actually knocked after breakfast while I was in the shower with my (Dell) INSPIRON mini, which doesn't require a wi-fi signal anywere, which was poetic, lyrically. She laughed when I mentioned that there was a hawk over Rockport; there is usually one that I see every morning near our apartment. In the shop where she bought starfish earrings they happenned to carry A Gift from the Sea, the book that shew brought with to read on the train. I found the passage early in it where she writes, "I return my Gift from the Sea", which apparently was a sea shell and I asked her if the poetry of it had been whether or not one of her children had handed her a seashell which she threw back into the ocean, but Donna is still reading the volume and didn't seem to answer.

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