Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Donna You're not listening to me- Happy Birthday with an I Love You.

Darling, You're really not listening to me. Scott post script blog entry: If you don't know Boston, I brought Donna to dinner last night. I noticed that they serve steak tips but I always get a steak and cheese. Donna had tomato soup. I had to wait an hour in Allston-Brighton and there weren't that many stores there, but I found a bookstore and hadn't given her a card yet. I saw a copy of the Grease soundtrack and knew that could take its place. And then I scavenged for a copy of a Gosett and Dutton Nancy Drew mystery printed in 1965-66. They also had a copy of Twilight, girl meets vampire, and since we saw Breaking Dawn part two together, I put it in with the other things. All within an hour at Packard's Corner. I had the idea to walk to Coolidge Corner without having any idea where is. You can live near Government Center or Copley Square or Harvard Square for years and never try to find Coolidge Corner- but it began to rain. Earlier in the week she paid my phone-computer bill so that I wouldn't have to go to the bank, which we she and I did yesterday; so in that she runs the house, she brought me for Cheeseburgers Sunday and Monday, so we're dating steadily while living together. Donna, I'm going out to get you a belated birthday card; you're really haven't been listening to me. by the way, thank you for saying "Goodnight" although it should have been earlier in some way.

Scott Lord