Sunday, February 3, 2013

Early Morning in Gloucester Harbor


I'm listening to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater while I type, often I listen to The Inner Sanctum, or shows like it like The Sealed Book, The Hermits Cave or The Weird Circle, Tonight its The Clairvoyant, originally broadcast in 1976. They happenned to have just quoted Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, also a Cambridge Resident.

I found a magazine entitled Shadowland which was an art magazine from the 1920's that was on the periphery of Silent Film. It happenned to have a painting reproduced entitled Early Morning Gloucester Harbor. Please try the above link, the magazine is from about when Hammond Castle was built.

I brought Donna home a rose and brought her to dinner Friday before shopping at Macy's. She offerred to go to the bookstore with me because I remembered they had a copy of one film unavailable anywhere else. When we got there someone had already purchased it. The important thing was that she had been housebound for a week and when we finally went out she offered to go to the bookstore, even though my film was no longer there. A signed copy of a biography was there with a letter from the author to the previous owner, but it was near closing time, so I left after not finding the film. She was looking at a an expensive blouse and I found her an almost duplicate one for half of what the other cost, same designer but one had buttons, one was on sale.

Scott Lord