Saturday, November 3, 2012

George Melies- The bookstore on West Street, Boston

I happened to spend the morning looking through the silent film section in the bookstore on West Street. The one hundread year old copy of Longfellow was five dollars, which is indicative of its outdoor section. I went inside and found a paperback Grove Press copy of I Am Curious Blue.( The template of my webpage was made from a photograph of a hard cover copy of Vilgot Sjoman's diary, which I no longer own.) I also found a copy of If Love is a Leopard, by Ethan Ayer. Apparently Mr. Ayer was the editor of Voices magazine and quite possibly lived near Longfellow, but we were both born in the same town. I wrote to the author in 1977 as a freshman in highschool, my having found a copy of his novel The Enclosure at the public library book sale. In return, he sent me a signed copy If Love is a Leopard, a volume of his volume of poetry, which I also no longer own- today I found a replacement copy.. What Donna and I did miss today . although we had a date for lunch was a screening of Silent Film this evening only a couple blocks from where I was shopping. I  have therefore  included representative films here. Silent Film

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