Sunday, November 11, 2012

Agnostic response to serenity: Sex,love, lifting at gym, atheism

"We made love last night." I just brought Donna a coffee. I went back to the gym to lift weights. In effect, after our living together for a year and replacing the gym with an isometric, which tones the muscle, I can lift, but not as much as a year and a half ago. I'm lucky to curl 100 as often as I can, the bench press is lower than before. But possibly, with the isometric, the look is more toned, or ripped, which at my weight is what I wanted from lifting- to look like Bruce Lee, although I might not still lift 200 at my weight of 130. Secondly, I don't believe in God, debate made, debate taken. Apparently the wealthy in America brought it up recently. I believe in love, which is why I mention it at whatever "course of human events" or cultural standpoint we may now be at. Love "that brings you places" as a human being or person- "into things"- I wasn't into lifting, I just picked it up waiting for "serenity to bring me where I was going". We made love last night, wants some heavy poetry; some of the words could be improved, I still said to be thankful for what we have or still have. She just came in, and she's explaining things to me. We're actually having the conversation that she was "self-conscious" and now I have to remember the word "true relationship", without being personal, she "checked the mirror" or something like that after the beginning of foreplay, like when you have to reach for a lubricant. Maybe it isn't entirely superficial, poeticlly, although I just had to reiterate that she should accept the compliment from me. A quick smile now that its morning, I just had to tell her that while she was doing that took an aphrodisiac for stamina and things like that. Scott Lord- Film
Is art more often than not a reflection of mood or emotion? I've added one of the movie posters I've been looking through.

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