Sunday, October 7, 2012

Donna and I: The Boston Anthenaeum

I found the most beautiful statue of Elizabeth Barrett Browning at the Boston Anthenaeum.

Boston Anthenaeum

The current exhibition is of Chromolithographic advertisement and features chromolithographs made by Wislow Homer for Harper's Weekly. The is one nice Chromolithograph made from a Winslow Homer watercolor and a chromolithograph advertising The Boston Theatre.  I was in a room Longfellow studied in with sculptures of Washington owned by Jefferson. There is a Gilbert Stuart painting that was thought to be a copy painted by his nephew, now claimed to be the original.
     I would readily become a member of the library if I could get the subscription fee waived or subsidized- it would probably amount to the value of one course or 3 credits- I've overused my Dell Inspiron mini and the useage allowance is depleted, therefore I have to find available Wi-Fi; usually I donot and can type anytime, anywhere. (The visitors pass to the library gave us free access to the museum exhibits without use of the lending library)
     Remind me that Donna came up with the poem, "Angels climbing up a tree after eating ice cream."

The line of poetry I need to work on after my internet access frees up next week is

"Heaven is not only for the exonerated,
Tragic not this averted glance."

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