Monday, September 3, 2012

Gloucester:Thatcher Road last September, Atlantic Road this year:Spectacular View with Donna

Stage Fort Park Shuttle:

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We spent most of the afternoon at Bass Rocks, riding the trolley through East Gloucester. We saw sunset at Stage Fort Park, the cold breeze off the ocean refreshing as we saw night fall at the Fisherman's Statue. We had dinner at the same table as we did last year. It was the quietest town that you could think of during the evening, the stores having closed presumably  before six o-clock. Donna liked Stiles beach, which is small, but at what she thought could be low-tide, the water seemed shallow. On the trolley we came up with the line of poetry "Diamonds on the Sea", only to find the moon reflected a view from the bedroom which includes nothing but ocean, Twin Lights in the distance.
The light reflects off my laptop screen- I was thinking use my webcam to film, it so happened it was easier to use a digital still camera.

Scott Lord