Sunday, August 12, 2012

Park Street Church, Boston: Donna sang beautifully.

A sermon preached Jan. 10, 1810, at the Dedicat...:

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The above link will give you an idea of where you are theologically.

Again, we have a policy that whenever we pass a church that is open, I can ask Donna if she wants to go inside and pray. Thursday, we visited the Paul Revere House, and the Old North Church, which is still an active church was open for historical tours, but we did find a beautiful Catholic church near by, diagnally in between the  Paul Revere House and the Old North Church, and we went inside where she could sit in front of the altar. We sometimes attend the Park Street Church and that included this Sunday. Which was nice. The subject was Galatians, which I am less interested for any ancient  "the unexamined life is not worth living", but it seems to be about the books of Paul and Peter. A woman quoted Matthew about if you ask a door will be opened to you.
Brass  tacks: its a rock band is centered on youth ministry during the afternoon service and the minister spoke of things on television and "pop culture", not as though it was unchristian, but really a little isolationist- during it he addressed Heart and Soul love, and I crinkled my wrinkles (crow's feet)  to acknowledge a smile. But then again, they have Christian Science Monitor that can handle most things Protestant, so why bother with "secular" things. So I "like the church". I brought Donna a rose Saturday, and she asked what it was for, and really, I was just in that mood after how well she got us through Thursday and Friday- For Romantic Reasons Only (good name for the title of my novel and screenplay). But then I mentioned the more inner meaning to her, "I brought you a rose, which means we can spend the weekend anyway you would like; anything you want to do." So I brought her to church after having missed a couple weeks.
 I used the word "kindness" before we went inside, and then I said to Donna, "I can use the word 'out of kindness', but if I have to I can amend it to 'love and kindness'", and if for any reason, the word was used as part of the sermon, then he caught my attention.
But Donna did sing beautifully.
The photo I posted is of a book that is two hundred years old; it seems to puts Emerson and quite possibly Universalism into perspective. Please feel invited to read the volume by clicking the link at the top of the page. I've skimmed the sermon and it concerns the omnipresence of God, particularly as they were opening a new church. I believe it is the first sermon delivered at the Park Street Church.

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