Friday, August 17, 2012

Marsh Chapel Left Open during evening: please accept Mornings in the college chapel

Mornings in the college chapel

     Marsh Chapel was left open last night. I have a policy that whenever we pass a church, Donna can go inside and pray. We were walking Commonwealth Ave for the second time, the first time being on the inbound side, as we were going into the city. This time we still went from B.U West to East, but tried the other side and passed Marsh Chapel. I thought we we would back the "grounds" or "courtyard", but Donna asked to go inside. The church was left wide open with no one inside, so we went down the aisle to the front pews where we often sit.
It was serenity- a quiet place for her to pray and for me to reflect.
Of course I am interested in New England architecture; in one week we have visited four churches- and (I may have, long ago, unwittingly driven some nails into one by ten pine.)

A side note: Commonwealth Avenue is interesting, but only so interesting; but it was a nice walk on a summer night. Apparently there's a statue of Lief Ericsson, but we walked during the night from Boston University. You needn't know that Harvard and MIT are both nestled on the way home, but we passed a church we often need to pass and I found the photo-below while looking for a public domain shot of Marsh Chapel.
I hope its the last time I blog about or mention in a blog a neat novel I read before moving titled The Memorial Hall Murder, where the dean apparently jumped off the roof of Memorial Hall after the minister that he had murdered was somehow found alive in the ruins of Memorial Hall, which had exploded. The detective is Hamilton Dow and he's bland if not the blandest. So add this photo and if you can piece together mysteries this should be a photo of Memorial Hall, the murder was in room 201 of the church.

Scott Lord