Thursday, August 9, 2012

Donna and I in Boston: The Paul Revere House and Old North Church

The Paul Revere House

      Today we went to the Paul Revere House. Last year,one afternoon Donna and I serendipituosly decided to go to King's Chapel. She worships at the Park Street Church occaisionaly. While downtown today we were thinking of going to the" Boston Massacre Museum" on the Freedom Trail near Washington Street- there are two museums there, but when there decided to explore the city and find The Paul Revere House. It is small and quiet, but worth the hour if in the area. The house was built in 1680 and owned by Revere between 1770-1800 and therefore where Revere lived when Washington was in command in Cambridge. This afternoon we found a printing press from the colonial-revolution era tucked away behind the Old North Church. The Old North Church has a pair of wooden angels donated by a pirate.
Ok, most Boston residents don't really think the Freedom Trail is a thrill and are more curious about where the combat zone of 1950 was, which is why the historical buildings are no longer there, but I first  went to the Witch House in Salem around 1972, so I know the Revere House is from before 1692. The Freedom trail does have one or two things that are of interest.
 There is a beautiful church in the North End, it is a cathedral, and as I am agnostic, we went in to allow Donna to pray.
The church is art [the church is art-whether or not man is God or not-God believes in God-life is unabsurd:
sex is a meaning that can be given to love-beauty is only truth when we want to believe in it]. Actually, whether I should have been in there or not, the church is beautiful, there is a painted dome and Catholic statues, but I would have no reason to return unless we were walking through the North End again. I very coyly said, "If you're praying for another person its ok.", meaning that I was sitting right next to her and she is one of the people that I would want only the best for.
The furniture in the Paul Revere house was owned by Revere, and it is self-guided with guides available.

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