Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scott and Donna (playlist): Donna asked if I had blogged about the last time we made love

Oddly, Donna asked if I had blogged about the last time we made love and she is more than right, because it was one of our most intimate times, I had not. What I have been doing is taking notes for my novel and possibly some poetry. So the intensity was to where I would want to leave it as art, or creativity, or poetical.
The last entry was my film of her that I made the night of the fourth and my answer was that I wanted everything left quiet and beautiful. This is the play list, in which I have last year's film of the Boston skyline on the fourth of July together with ("spliced?") this years.
It's cute that she's a little "foggy", ie feminine soft, about my giving the words I've used in bed to a fictional character- they were at the height of my physical attraction, "This I know how to do." and now to include that I have to explain passion and desire during a paragraph-I wasn't hurrying to leave my notes here. But she's right that I didn't date any of my notes because they were headed strait to my novel. The character obviously will not be a postition to measure his words carefully or slowly.
She said something cute during the time in between about the male anatomy that I was hoping to reword for a fictional female character and she also did something cool; we both knew that we were going downstairs and she couldn't get out "Would you mind carrying this", this being her bag, but said "Would you marry me." I gathered she had necessarily been thinking about the last time we made love and that we hadn't really discussed it enough in any direct way.

Scott Lord