Friday, July 27, 2012

Donna took me to another movie-I brought her a rose

I brought Donna back a single rose- primarily because we made love. Secondly, we made hotel reservations for the beach- we were there last September and decided to return. It is almost too long to wait for a vacation, but it gives me plenty of time to read things that could possibly have anything to do with where we'll be and what we'll be doing. To begin the first-weekend-waiting-for-the-long-weekend, Donna wanted to see a film; I said it would be a good way to look forward to the romantic weekend.
I liked the film as a film; there is a shot-reverse-shot series that begins the credit sequence that seems obvious, but by the end of the film I thought that there hadn't been a top-shot. Minutes after I realized it a well-placed top-shot of the actress was included near the conclusion of the film. The lighting in the film was more than passable for a romantic comedy. While walking back I mention that this was one of the better romantic comedies where there is some thinking, or thoughts with feelings; I prefer it to some of this years' films. I mentioned that the films with Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston are based on the actresses being comedic; whether its fair or not, or accurate or not, I literally said something to the effect  that it was 'Diaz and Anniston on screen shaking around', meaning that they've developed themselves on screen as attractions and part of the film may be centered on their being comedic in a recognizable or individualized way- the humor based on the star. But....I would think there is more to scriptwriting.
Donna recently styled her hair shorter- its pretty. "I cut it with bangs and layered it", she said, staring over my shoulder as I blogged.
So its a new look, actually with several new dresses for the summer that are in fact suprisingly sexy (nice) and later a return to the beach to make the summer nights in some way newer, or more intimate.

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