Sunday, July 1, 2012

50th birthday: It wasn't Rocky Horror that first brought me to Cambridge Massachusetts

This is the copy I'm presently reading.
I turned 50 and if Donna hadn't of said I love you in bed this morning and kissed me in the supermarket, I wouldn't have mentioned. We, or shall I say we, rollercoasted on the day itself. I bought her roses and she took me to the restaurant (spelled right,;out of my head, out of my skin really) downstairs . Tonight I think its the 40th episode of The Shadow of Fu Man Chu, I've listened to, but if you like doing the same thing every night to work on your vocabulary and grammar, there are as many episodes of Inner Sanctum and The CBS Mystery theater that were recorded.
There's probably alot of drama that could have been documented into drama if you had taken our dialouge and written it into a play and from there structured a novel- but why wallow in something that was up and down after having had breakfast together this morning and the birthday was saved or resurrected.

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