Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Anniversary- Living Together with Donna

We are living together: its our one year anniversary. We've actually been living together for months and have been literally inseperable, but it is our one year anniversary and it coincides with my formally moving in. We had to go to Boston friday, so there was a walk through Boston Common to see the Swans and the ducklings. She wanted some new scarfs and found two that she liked better than the ones she had seen earlier while shopping for skirts. A woman was selling carnations on Tremont, so when I tried to buy one she mysteriously walked away, but there was somewhere where I could find a rose within minutes, so I gave her that instead. She liked the anniversary card I brought her home later, which had roses on it. Today was shopping for Marilyn Monroe lingeree. It may seem odd, but I spent part of last night listening to The Shadow of Fu Man Chu a radio broadcast from 1939 and for some reason I deeply respect the program, particularly as mystery adventure plot. Tonight we had dinner in a restaurant next door. Happy Anniversary,

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