Sunday, June 17, 2012

now Sunday Night:Saturday Night we made love untill four in the morning.

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Donna and I made love until four o'clock in the morning. On the way to brunch, the hawk came to the window. We have a terrace on the ninth floor and by the window at a right angle, the hawk landed on an air conditioner on the fourteenth floor. She finally got to see the hawk from less than approximately thirty-fourty feet. We could see his profile, his face after he had spread his brown and white wings. We have a hawk. As for me, Donna has allowed me to listen to Old Time Radio EVERYNIGHT for the last year. I'm now listening to a series from 1939, The Shadow of Fu Man Chu. It began with The CBS Radio Mystery Theater, with E. G Marshall, and then The Inner Sanctum. Nyland Smith is searching for The Man With the Limp. He is insinuating that behind Fu Man Chu is an evil empress, hidden in a buddhist monastery. The name of tonight's first episode is The Flower of Silence. I listen to three episodes a night at present. As I type, it has concluded and I'm beginning the next episode, The Man With the Limp. My reason is Art-to become a better novelist, to increase my command of the language. (The character is as British as Holmes, and lives on the same street, for that matter.) Scott Lord Scott Lord

Scott Lord