Saturday, May 19, 2012

A seagull on a streetlight at the Stevie Nicks Concert, A hawk in Rainbow Parkinglot.

Donna and I have kissed again; honestly she wasn't feeling well. When we went to the Stevie Nicks concert, before going to Gloucester and Rockport, there had been a seagull on one of the streetlights that she noticed. During a sound check we began a conversation about it, however romantic. There is now a Hawk living in the parking lot across the street. It too will perch on top of the street lights, apparently while feeding. It is in fact a large, beautiful bird. The parking lot can be notable for its Rainbows, depending on the season, and it has a way with the sunset; but it was where we had our first date before living together, which happened to be almost a year ago (eleven and a half months) during the middle of a thunder storm ( we needed a cab to cross the street and parking lot). I informally moved in after Rockport, during which we had rain I don't quite remember there being lots of seagulls. Illustrations from the end of the late nineteenth century:
By the way, I was bringing her breakfast in bed. I'm not sure what type of hawk, it may be; apprently from the old volume that i found this morning, there are many. Update in Postscript: I've been "reading at the computer" while Donna let breakfast in bed elongate. She had something on the Hallmark Channel that she was interested in and waited in a robe. When she got up to watch the movie, she looked out the window to notice fireworks over Boston Harbor. From the ninth floor, which is approximately either the same height or a little higher than our hawk's nest across the way, they were actually fairly sizeable and included bursts of green Scott Lord Scott Lord

Scott Lord