Sunday, May 27, 2012

Donna took me to another movie, our one year anniversary nears

I just looked over to her and asked, "Do you want the coil in the bed included" and she answered, "Yes, just when we were..." I'm not quite sure it isn't too intimate, I really wasn't serious about writing that we were thinking of buying a new bed and that we didn't know how urgent the need was until while making love. Our anniversary is nearing and we happened to go to Boston- we agreed that we should go for a walk after the film, but it turned out that on her suggestion we walked along the Charles River, which put us in the middle of the subway stations. We decided it was a nice night and walked the entire way from Tremont Street to the apartment in Cambridge. She liked the rotundra near the top of the Common and from there we just continued.
During the year, maybe its been that most screenplays that are now in theaters can begin ideas about what can be included in a novel, so I tend to make sure that if she does want to see it, we not only go, but I look at it objectively. Tonight my thought was:
Changing the light during the shot as opposed to changing the light during the scene or sequence, therefore the angle of the light upon the subject. From there, the amount of movement of the subject, while the light is changing during the shot.

Scott Lord Silent Film

The hawk is still in the parking lot; this afternoon it was perched in profile so that the white part of its chest stood out..

Scott Lord