Saturday, May 26, 2012

The complete poetical works-update Saturday morning with Donna

The complete poetical works of Robert Burns:

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Please accept the above link as a gift- from me. Donna had a classroom meeting this morning, and generally, we walk through downtown Boston the same way, passed her new church. Becuase of the change in weather, while we were holding hands I decided to just take any downtown side street, and most lead back to the subway. I had forgotten that there is a statue of the Scottish poet Robert Burns tucked out of the way near the  financial district. Which was, if nothing else something to bring conversation. We often pass the house of Henry Wadsworth Longefellow. I explained to her that I when  collected  poetry in highschool, they were mostly copies published by Houghton Mifflin and Riverside Press, which makes them over seventy five years old at the time and they would inordinately,now all be antique. There was also Ticknor and Fields. Some of my exceptions were Byron, Tennyson and Burns, the copies of their work being older and from different publishers, probably from before 1863.
While surfing tonight I found the Houghton Mifflin copy that I never had, which is not as old as my copy.
The conversation was mostly that it is odd that their is a statue of Robert Burns in the middle of Boston, as he was from Europe and may never had visited North America. I also found the work of Thomas Carlyle and was reminded how literary that he was, if anyone needs a fresh subject  to add to surfing the internet; if not please enjoy this volume of poetry.

We did in fact walk past some of our modern poets while we were out today, but I didn't recognize anyone that would say hello to me and we, as a couple, haven't attended any poetry reading in the Boston area- I haven't been writing any. Its a novel right now if anything.

Scott Lord